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An onlay is a restoration made of porcelain or gold that can repair a heavily […]

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Denture Repairs

How are dentures repaired?
A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and the tissues […]

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What is a fixed bridge?
A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth that is […]

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What is a dental cleaning?
When a hygienist talks about cleaning your teeth, she usually means […]

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Periodontal Splinting

What is periodontal splinting?
Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammation and infection of the gums and […]

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What is a dry socket?

After a tooth is removed a socket remains. The socket fills with a blot clot […]

Client Testimonials

Excellent dentist! We drive 2 hours to stay with this practice after we moved. We find the dentists are excellent. They stay up to date on new practices and equipment. Not only are they are very personable, understanding and extremely accommodating to us, but they are also intelligent and skilled at what they do. Also the dental hygenists, assistants and office staff are very friendly, well qualified, and they too are up to date on techniques.
Diane S.
The entire staff is amazing! I quite literally drive an hour to see you guys because the of the level of care you all provide. Everyone is not only professional but extremely caring and engaged in my treatment. I am quite certain I am your biggest fan!
Judith G.
Top notch dental care. The level of care provided by this dental practice is outstanding. They use the latest technology and techniques to provide the best possible experience. They are perfectionists, in the best possible sense. I have recommended them many times.
Patricia G.
We love Dr. Maguire! My son enjoys going to the dentist because of his great relationship with Dr. Maguire. I love that my son can talk and joke with Dr. Maguire and that we are treated as individuals instead of charts. The personal touch is sincere and much appreciated.
Eric R.